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Herbal Inn London

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Alternative & Complementary Medicines in London - Marylebone
326 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London, W1C 1JB
+44 (0) 20 7495 1203

Herbal Inn specialise in herbal remedies and alternative therapies including acupuncture. They also sell a range of herbal products such as herbal tea.
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Herbal Inn London Reviews

Review of Herbal Inn, Oxford Street - Awful treatment! I had a 75 minute facial, acupuncture and massage and the whole experience was very unpleasant.

The treatment started off with a consultation when I was told due to my skin looking tired I had a problem with my kidneys and toxins. I kept an open mind initially but found this the worst treatment I've ever had.

An older man did my treatments which started off with acupuncture. I've never had this before so can't comment whether it was good or bad, though I didn't feel any different afterwards. The cubicles were shabby and there was a huge amount of noise made by someone cleaning and banging outside the cubicle (its not proper treatment rooms). The man doing my treatments heard this noise but didnt do anything about it.

He then left me with the acupuncture needles on for what felt like a long time and it was cold in the cubicle. He then came back and gave me a back massage which I got absolutely nothing from. I've had many massages before but he really didnt seem to know what he was doing, massaging my spine rather than muscles.

He followed this with a 'facial' which involved first using baby type wipes on my face, followed by a disgusting smelling moistened cloth. It smelt of alcohol and very cheap toiletries. He then told me to relax, which given the banging I thought was a bit ridiculous.

He then left me again for what felt like a long time. I was literally on the verge of walking out which I've never done before, as I was lying there, cold and with a disgusting smelling cloth on my face. I just couldn't wait for the treatment to end.

When I came up to reception I realised the treatment had been nearly an hour longer than it should have been as he'd obviously forgotten about me. He started to do a consultation, which I assume would have told me how bad my kidneys were and how I needed lots more treatments.

I interrupted at this stage and said how noisy it had been and so not relaxing, to which the man acted surprised even though he'd heard the noise himself and said 'next time they would make sure it wouldn't be.'

At which point I just left as I couldn't bear to sit there while he tried to sell me more treatments. I've had many treatments before - some amazing, some good, some just ok. You never know exactly what you'll get, which I accept and have never written a bad review of a treatment before. I felt I had to with this though as it was just so unpleasant and a waste of time. I definitely wouldn't recommend Herbal Inn!  
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