Steve Hatt London

Steve Hatt London

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Fishmongers in London - Islington
88-90 Essex Road, Islington, London, N1 8LU
+44 (0) 20 7226 3963

S J Hatt sell a selection of fresh, frozen and smoked fish and shellfish including lobster and crab.
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Steve Hatt London Reviews

Thou shalt have a fishy - I think people from the Midlands have a fascination with fish bred into them. The inability to find anything aquatic remotely fresh round these parts makes us scamper around like excited animals whenever we find something half decent. When we find something spectacularly good, we sort of don't know where to start in describing our joy. The latter is what happens to me when I think about Steve Hatt. However - I have attempted to collect my thoughts here and will dispense them....... now.

Steve Hatt is everything you'd want a fishmonger to be, and more besides. Firstly, they sell pretty much everything. Secondly, it's about as fresh as it gets, save for getting the slippery creatures out of the sea yourself. Thirdly, and possibly best of all, the service is impeccable.

They know what they're doing and what they're talking about, there's at least half a dozen of them in there at any one time, all darting around to make sure everyone is being served properly, and all the while respecting Mr Hatt.

The oft-mentioned queues outside here on a Saturday speak volumes about the place. It's certainly not a problem, you're never waiting for long and you can check out the best catches through the window while you wait. Wait until you get there to decide on what to have on your dishy later in the day!  
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Fishmonger Extraordinaire - Steve Hatt’s Fishmonger is the end-all-be-all of fishmongers. You really don’t need to go anywhere else for your seafood as he has it all. Every time I go, there’s always a queue, but they are efficient with someone to greet you and take your order; then someone else who fillets your fish (if you choose) and weighs it; then back to the greeter to transact with you and send you off smiling. They are all lovely (and stinky) men who are extremely passionate about their job.

You name it, they’ve got it. We get our monkfish tails there as they, along with all their fish, are daily fresh, and meaty and massive. Better than lobster in my mind. Their scallops are huge, not like the wimpy kinds you get in the supermarket. And their clams are delicious. I’ve never purchased their tuna, but it looks amazing and something I vow to buy next time for sashimi or a seared tuna dish.

The fish isn’t cheap, but not more than you’d pay at a supermarket. And knowing it’s fresh and there’s thoughtfulness that goes into every fillet, I’m happy to pay the prices.

And, the guys know how to cook seafood too, so any questions, and they will happily answer.  
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Rating  5

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